About me

Talking about photography means talking about creating under the parameters of a specific theme, unique and focused on an image either planned or obtained spontaneously. There are different specialties in this field, since each book, magazine, encyclopedia or any other, require images as different as the required photograph.

Although it is true that each person can understand photography in a different way, it would be interesting to look for what we feel identified with, because that is a good way to explore our particular vision.

Let’s say that, to me, it is like showing the world through a lens which makes possible to magnify even the smallest detail.

Outdoor photographs, pictures in a studio with controlled light, with natural light, in movement, a portrait, with saturated colors, in black and white…

These are some of the points of view which photographers could identified with themselves.

A photographic production requires elements, talents and ideas which go beyond a simple photograph, and that is why photographers are here for.

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